What types of lists can I import? Do my contacts have to reconfirm subscription?

GetResponse allows you to import any lists, as long as you have permission from all contacts to send mailings specifically from you.

Importing other types of lists is prohibited. The reason for this is because using non-permission-based lists often result in spam complaints and undeliverable emails. This can quickly degrade your sender reputation with ISPs and compromise GetResponse’s ability to deliver emails on behalf of other customers.

For this reason, using non-permission-based lists is strictly prohibited and can result in your account being closed. Prohibited list types: FFA email addresses, including purchased leads with full opt-in information, so-called “safe lists”, list-washed, bought or purchased email addresses, borrowed lists and purchased leads.

Your list can be imported to your GetResponse account without a need to reconfirm subscription if it meets the following criteria:

  • the list has been already confirmed and you have full opt in information,
  • the list contains contacts who agreed to receive messages specifically from you,
  • the list is up-to-date, which means that you have been in touch with the subscribers, the bounces and unsubscribe requests were being properly processed.

The instructions on disabling double opt-in conformation for import (and other subscription methods) can be found here.

Importing the lists that are not in compliance with the above requirements is a violation of GetResponse ToS.

Note: Before the list is imported to your campaign it will be run against multiple algorithms that estimate the list quality. Depending on the results of the evaluation the list can be approved or rejected.