How can I capture new subscribers on my Facebook fan page? Watch video

To add an email opt-in form to your Facebook fan page, log into your Facebook account and install our application, found at:

Click the Add to Fan Page button to display a list of the fan pages for which you are the admin. Find the fan page you want to add the sign up form to and click the Add Page Tab button.

On your fan page you’ll now see a Sign up tab. Click the Sign up tab to display a screen where you can login to your GetResponse account by providing your API key. After you log in, you’ll see the Settings box, where you can

  • Choose a web form to display on your Facebook page
  • Add a message to encourage signups
  • Align the form
  • Position the message

Click the Preview link to view the form. Click the Save button to display the form “live” on your Facebook page.

Please avoid IE and Safari when settings this up, you may get an error “Invalid API”. Switch to Mozilla or Chrome to solve it.